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Meet the Team

Anthony Vu
Founding Board Member

Anthony Vu is the Director of Operations for the Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas charter network in Southern Nevada. In his role, Mr. Vu leads day-to-day operations, facilities maintenance, student discipline and grants management for the CASLV network and its 7 campuses. Among his projects, he developed their five-year strategic plan, oversaw the approval of its newest campus, and led the creation of the network’s reopening plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mr. Vu served in various roles for multiple nonprofits in Southern California, with the most rewarding experience being able to lead an after-school college access program for disadvantaged students at a Title I high school. In 2013, he moved to Las Vegas to join Teach For America. During his time as an English teacher in CCSD, Mr. Vu taught at the only extended day middle school in the Historic Westside and a Title I high school just north of Chinatown. For every class he taught, his students achieved an average reading growth of at least two grade levels by the end of each school year. He also served as a soccer coach and advisory leader for multiple extracurriculars.


In 2017, Mr. Vu became the Founding Operations Manager at Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus, Elementary School. As time went on, he absorbed the responsibilities of leading operations for the middle school, high school, and eventually, the entire campus. Along with operations, his duties included overseeing campus purchasing, building national academic and curriculum partnerships, supervising family impact and communication, and being the campus testing coordinator.


Mr. Vu is originally from Santa Ana, CA. The son of Vietnamese refugees, he grew up in a low-income household and attended Title I schools for the entirety of his K-12 education. Mr. Vu holds a B.A. from Cal State Fullerton, M.P.A. from Long Beach State, and M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a proud husband, brother, dog father, and social equity advocate.

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