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Meet the Team

Justin Long
Board Treasurer & Founding Board Member

Justin Long is the founder of Diazo Group, a concierge financial planning firm in Las Vegas NV. Diazo’s mission is to be able to provide a concierge bespoke financial planning experience to the mass market. Deriving the thought process from all investors regardless of net worth should receive great financial advice.

Before founding Diazo, Justin was a Senior Regional Planning Consultant with Fidelity investments and tasked with training and educating advisors to the inner workings of financial planning and relationship building. Prior to this, he worked with Fidelity’s high net worth client group as a VP Financial consultant, working hand in hand with individual investors to reach their financial goals and determine what success looked like for them in both their financial and personal lives.

Justin is originally from Walnut Creek, CA and spent a large part of his childhood in the out skirts of Reno, Nevada where he attended college and received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Reno. He is married and has two young children.

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