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This is Sage Collegiate. 

A tuition-free, K-8 public charter school driven by academic excellence and opportunity for all. 

Proving the Possible.
Sage Collegiate is a free, public K-8 school authorized by the State Public Charter School AuthorityWe opened our doors in August 2022 with students in Kinder - 5th grade. We are a slow-growth model, which means we grow one grade level per year until we are a fully-enrolled K-8 school.
Why Choose Sage Collegiate?
Intensive focus on literacy
We are unwaveringly dedicated to putting scholars on the path to college. We offer a rigorous literacy focus and ambitious reading goals. 
Sage Collegiate also offers an Enrichment program featuring coding, ASL, dance, music, and civic engagement. 
High academic and behavioral expectations
Every scholar holds the potential for achieving both exceptional behavior and academic excellence. We lead by example, educate, and maintain elevated standards for success for all scholars.
A safe, structured, and zestful school community 
We strike a balance of reliable routines, predictable practices, and joyous celebration. A partnership with Raise the Future lays the foundation for socialization and emotional management. 
Strong partners with families 
Sage Collegiate families are deeply committed to the success of their scholars. We provide clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities that families play in the collaborative effort to prepare scholars for a college-bound future.

Our Mission


Driven by excellence for all in a supportive, rigorous, and ambitious school community, Sage Collegiate Public Charter School educates K-8 students for academic achievement, college success, and a life of opportunity. 

Core Tenets
Sage Collegiate was built upon and is driven by seven tenets:

Literacy is everything.

To ensure scholars have foundational skills and are set up for success, we focus on literacy and set ambitious goals.


We expect all of our scholars to read at or above grade level by the end of 2nd grade. In 3rd grade, we move from learning to read to reading to learn.

College starts in kindergarten.

From Day One, we work to ensure students have the academic skills, work habits, and tenacity to get to and through college and have a life of opportunity.

Zest + structure = students learning

Scholars cannot learn in chaos. A structured culture with reliable routines, predictable practices, and consistent customs ensures an environment conducive to learning.


Our daily Morning Motivation, Community Closing, and Weekly Jubilees allow for celebration, zest, and recognition of achievement. 

It takes a village.

Families are our partners. We are grounded in and by our community.


Family participation in scholars' learning is fundamental to their success. When families and teachers have high standards for children, students exceed expectations.

Exemplary teachers produce exemplary results.

Research shows the effect of teaching on learning is greater than ethnicity, family income, school attended, or class size. We recruit, develop, and retain teachers who are aligned with our academic priorities and goals.


We support our team through intentional professional development geared to the academic needs of our students and the growth of our team.

We lead with urgency.

Students do not have time to wait for adults to get it right. Children have but one year in 1st grade or 4th grade or 8th grade. They need us to get right, right now.


We apply best practices from high-performing schools across the country to meet students' needs, stay focused on instruction, and use our limited, non-renewable time effectively and efficiently.

Data drives instruction.

We have weekly PDs and monthly Data Days at which we analyze student data to determine how best to support students to meet their goals. We track students' progress toward goals and observe instruction daily to best educate our scholars.


Know and Protect the Privacy Rights of Your Student and All Other Scholars.

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