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Student Professional Attire


Who is the primary uniform vendor?
Uniform orders can be placed through our vendor: Campus Club. Our school code is 1048.

We have contracted with this local vendor to support local business, and this is the same vendor that provides uniforms for 75% of the charter schools in the region.

What uniform pieces are required and where can I get them? 
Tops: Uniform tops must be purchased from Campus Club. Sage Collegiate provides the first uniform shirt (see pickup details under the next question below). We encourage families to place orders for long sleeve attire, including sweatshirts and sweaters, as early as possible.


Bottoms: Shorts, pants, and skirts may be purchased from other vendors, including Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Children's Place, etc.

Shoes: Students in K-5 no longer only have to wear solid black or white shoes. Sneakers are strongly encouraged in K-2. Students have PE daily M-Th and will not have time to change shoes.


See the school uniform policy for more details.


When can I pickup my uniform?

We had originally planned to distribute uniforms at Family Orientations, but the reality of having nearly 500 uniform pieces on hand at each orientation proved to be a logistical challenge. As such, we will have a supply drop off and uniform pick up Saturday, August 13, 9:30 - 11 a.m., which will also allow us to rehearse the carline. Supplies are not required, but greatly appreciated. You can find the supply wishlist here.

Where do I find the school uniform policy?
Student Professional Attire (aka our uniform policy) can be found, in detail, in our Student & Family Handbook.

What is the 3-for-1 exchange?

In January 2023, we will begin our 3-for-1 exchange. For every 3 uniform polo that are in good condition that you give back to the school, we'll provide one free, brand new polo. This will help when students outgrow shirts. 

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Sage Collegiate’s culture, practices, and policies are all driven by academic excellence for all and our mission to educate all students for academic achievement, college success, and a life of opportunity. A clear, specific, appropriate student dress code, which we call student professional dress attire, is a critical component of the culture at Sage Collegiate. It ensures more time on task and focus on instructional content because teachers and staff do not need to spend time addressing student attire and all students, regardless of family income, home language, or other demographics share one college-bound identity through our common uniform. Teachers and staff also adhere to professional attire to model professional dress and lead by example.

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