We are fortunate to have local and national supporters in this work. We have visited, studied, and learned from more than 50 schools across the country and within Clark County. We welcome opportunities to continue learning and partnering with organizations in alignment with our mission and vision.

BES (formerly Building Excellent Schools)

 BES identifies and prepares excellent leaders to transform education in their communities. Founded in 2001, BES develops school founders so they can build, excel, and sustain high-performing schools in high-need areas. BES will provide Follow-On Support to Sage Collegiate through its start-up year, and through, at least, the first two years of operation. BES has more than 100 high-quality schools across the country that informed and influenced components of Sage Collegiate. Lead Founder Sandra Kinne completed BES' Fellowship, which included two month-long residencies at award-winning charter schools in Los Angeles and Chicago. Learn more about BES here. 


Opportunity 180

Opportunity 180 is a local non-profit with a vision of providing 25,000 quality public school seats in Clark County within 10 years. As a harbormaster in Nevada, Opportunity 180 supports the founding and development of high-quality charter schools through support with facility and talent pipeline access, as well as individualized direct supports as needed to ensure students have access to high-performing schools. Learn more about Opportunity 180 here.